Hi there, my name is Jhon Rios Owner and CEO or Rios Professionals(c)
we are in search of a computer programmer
in the Massachusetts and new hampshire area to join our team
and partner with me personally and my team to reciever part owner ship
in a website project my team an I have been working on for some time now
we are looking for someone with experience in web development, loyalty and dedication along side with other qualities needed for the job.. We are based off
of Lowell, MA

we are recieving resume and forms of contacts now! Please send emails attatched with your resume to mrjhonrios@aol.com
or pm me a form of contact and a quick cover letter about yourself
we will bebholding interviews over the next month before Christmas due to the fact we want someone as soon as possible who will be well suited for the job
due to copyrights we won't explain anything if it's not in person during interviews

we do look forward to hearing from all of you in this area
sincerely, Jhon Rios