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    Will send a formal document if interested.

    Hello. I am the visual developer of pbguntrader.com. See what I am doing for the site @ beta.pbguntrader.com.
    What I am in search of is someone who is interested in joining a team of two - myself and the admin. As of right now the admin is the spokesperson and the money supplier. I manage the site right now and come up with the ideas. I know HTML and CSS but am terrible with databases so I need some help with the PHP.
    If you join the team this will be very profitable for you. Our current competition is pbnation. Many users are leaving b/c of the mods, ads, and horrible new features. This is our chance to take on new visitors.
    Our main goal is to have a ebay style B/S/T. You can find out more of what I need to do over in the forums. PM me and we can then take the conversation via email.This will be a paid position. We will pay upfront and if you stay you can receive a percentage of ad money/sales.
    We would prefer that you enjoy paintballing. You must know PHP and mySQL/Postgre. It would be a plus if you knew AJAX and javascript.
    If you do not want a partnership we could use a freelancer to tackle all of the php jobs.

    LMK! Thanks

    edit:// I could help you with the code if you help me learn databases.
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