Hello everyone,
I am looking for a partner (or two) to help create, maintain and update a music artist website/blog.
The new artist is almost guaranteed success and will have a very broad audience. Marketing/promoting/getting traffic to the site will probably be the easiest task.
I have mediocre html experience and have worked about 4 different websites in the past.
I am looking to create somthing similar to http://www.chrisbrownweb.com which i worked on and is very successful.
like i said, ive done a few sites, but all have died because i couldnt keep up w/ the demand. in other words, I NEED HELP!
We will split any revenue evenly amongst ourselves/each other.
I need someone who is dedicated and easy to get along with.
if you are interested, please pm or email me at jmoney48[@]gmail.com
please send a link with your current/previous work. if you dont have any, i am still open/ ready to hear what you can bring to the table.