I have been brainstorming this idea of creating a Content Management System (CMS) for a while now. I have decided to go ahead and find a skilled team who is dedicated and willing to put in hard work. This will not be a quick project because most of us have other jobs. This would be a project we would work on in our own time. There are several positions Im looking for.

Web Developer:
1) Working knowledge of PHP and MYSQL. Will be responsible for coding.

Web Designer:
1) Working knowledge of photoshop, illustrator, and other image tools to design images, banners, and logos for our CMS.

1) A few people that have a overall good understanding of how our system will work. Responsible for writing FAQs, and active on support forums.

Beta testers:
1) Will beta test site. Report any know issues.

Public relations:
1) Get our name out, write up TOS, legal notice ect. Good writing ability.

Again this is all volunteered work and done on our free time. The only thing I request is that maybe once every other week you write up a little report on where you stand in your work.If interested please emails me at [**email removed by mod. please pm]. Please specify which job and previous knowledge. I will respond within 24 hours.

Steven Zerafa