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    TV show needs great php scripters


    Sorry if this is not the correct spot to post this, move if needed but it does meet all the requirements of the Posting guidelines.

    After spending (More like being ripped off) thousands of dollars for a php scripter to work on a website for a children's educational television show, after craig's list listings and local newspaper advertisements, we've found that some of the best php coders are usually found helping others on forums.

    We don't know a single thing about php, mysql, html or flash.

    This is an educational children's tv show that we have developed over the last few years that is now being licensed by Discovery Kids Network.

    The show is a cross between Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood and Sesame Street.

    We need a website that can do many functions, mostly what we are worried about php scripting wise is the ability to have thousands of pages created kind of like wikipedia, but not be able to be edited by anyone.

    IE: a child searches for Polar Bears in our search engine, and the page we created for Polar Bears comes up.

    The press release is probably the best thing to read for a complete description of the show :


    We'd like to meet a bunch of people that want to freely contribute their own time and energy to this project as every person working on this show is pure volunteer status. IE: Our flash is being designed by a Nickelodeon designer.

    Right now we have been given free webhosting with GoDaddy, with the "Promise" of a free dedicated server with them as a sponsorship type deal.

    If you can and want to contribute with this, we cannot offer you a thing, this would be a "Out of the graciousness of your heart" type deal.

    We are hoping to have literally hundreds of thousands of articles written for children on all topics, including pictures and such. A template system where an administrator could type in the page and upload an image and click either preview or save would work best.

    If you are interested, please send an email to lexisplayhouse@gmail.com

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    I sent you an email.
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