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Thread: URL Book

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    URL Book

    Maybe you saw this b4 coz I uploaded that several times and in different threads ( I don't actually remember why!), but let's do it for the last time in here!

    It basically tries to simulate a directory system in which you can enter your URLs and they'll be treated like files in Windows/Linux and by clicking on the name of each URL a new page will be opened that will take you to your address.
    You can also make threads that as you know yourself can hold your URLs and other threads.
    You can Delete/Cut & Paste the threads and URLs that in case of deleting a thread you'll be prompted to confirm.
    I also put an arrange button that's supposed to arrange everything in your current working thread, but so far I remember it's just working in my previous computer and wherever I tested that it didn't work and just deleted everything in the thread! So, please do not use it! ( I do not remove the button, I might fix it one day! who knows?)

    Well, finally I say what I should have said at the begining! This is written by JS of course and it uses cookies to store the data. I started to write this when I just learned how to use cookies and at the begining I didn't notice the maximum size of a cookie file, i.e. just 4KB!, or I wouldn't have started it ( but later I found out that I can work with Active X and I think that I'll do a revision with Active X if I have time)

    In the end I wana mention that it's no need to say all these coz you could read the FAQ page that totally delineates everything!!!
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