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    JavaScript html entities

    Last year my colleague asked me help to implement an insertion of html-entities. This task was interesting but the searching was attractive because there are many copies of the manual parsing of the datum list of entities - phpjs.org :: html_entity_decode. It is bombastic code, in our opinion is unreasonable - we was looking for the compact and easy code using internal features of browsers. We found the solution completely satisfying our requests - it is compact, easy and uses internal parsing algorithms of browsers.

    text in Russian - http://with-love-from-siberia.blogsp...-entities.html
    source code - http://code.google.com/p/jsxt/source.../web/Entity.js

    var Entity = {
        encode: function(value)
            var div = document.createElement('div');
            var text = document.createTextNode(value);
            return div.innerHTML.replace(/"/g, '"').replace(/'/g, ''');
        decode: function(value)
            var textarea = document.createElement('textarea');
            textarea.innerHTML = value;
            return textarea.value;
    var original = '& is <ampersand>';
    var encoded = Entity.encode(original);
    var decoded = Entity.decode(encoded);
    alert([original, encoded, decoded].join('\n'));
    // will output
    // & is <ampersand>
    // &amp; is &lt;ampersand&gt;
    // & is <ampersand>
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