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    no luck getting this to work; please help

    I have some code like this

    alert($("\'" + "#" + m + "\'"));

    $("\'" + "#" + m + "\'").css('display','inline');
    // $("#ds4").css('display','inline');

    leftval = getPosLeft(el);
    $("\'" + "#" + m + "\'").css('left',leftval);
    // $("#ds4").css('left',leftval);

    heightval = getPosHeight(el);
    $("\'" + "#" + m + "\'").css('top','heightval');
    // $("#ds4").css('top','heightval');

    m is being passed to javascript and its value is ds4. If I put it inside jquery selector it doesn't work.

    What I'm trying to do is - make the div - ds4 - visible - when user points the mouse over it.

    It works fine using the hardcoded values. Don't know why it doesn't work inside selector.

    I would sincerely appreciate your help.
    Thanks in advance

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    See:- *** WARNING: Questions posted here will be deleted! ***.
    You will not get any reply in this forum which is intended to be used only to
    post a completed (working) script for showcasing/benefit of others.

    Suggest you read the form rules and posting guidelines.


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