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    Apologies for the response to an old post, but after literally days of searching, this thread helped me find the solution to a duplicate insert problem (PHP + MySQL).

    As the contributors above noted, the issue turned out not to be in the PHP code, but instead the Javascript form validation routine.

    The one thing I would add to atapoverseer's comment is to check the actual input type of your submit button.

    If your html form button calls the javascript validation function via "OnClick", make sure the button type is NOT "submit", but rather "button".

    What DIDN'T work:
    <input type="submit" value="Submit" OnClick="validate_form();">
    What DID work:
    <input type="button" value="Submit" OnClick="validate_form();">
    Here's why -- the "submit" button type posts the form regardless of the function that is being called for validation, thus creating first a form submission (without validation check), followed by a validation check within the javascript function, which if true posts the form again to the php code that fires off the insert request to your MySQL database.

    In contrast, the "button" type doesn't do anything on click unless instructed to do so by the javascript routine connected to it. Thus, the form data is only posted once if it passes the validation routine.

    I hope this saves someone else some time

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