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    Thumbs up Project help wanted - opensource

    I've started some time ago a project at sourceforge.
    It's called CLCSWI and the website is
    It's a crm open source software, like liveperson, humanclick, etc. but free.
    The thing is:
    I've made the TCP/IP server with Delphi but it's in a very early version, and wanna begin also with the client (web interface) but:
    Dunno which stuff to use for making it.
    I found some info about XML & actionscripting in flash, but i just know PHP, mysql & Delphi programming.

    I know you guys know a lot, and maybe you wanna help & make a little effort so we can work in this project so any person can establish his free crm solution at his website.

    Thanks a lot in advance.
    Hope your answer guys.
    Henry Becerra
    Mambo & Joomla templates | www.beza.com.ar
    MSN: qbecerra @ hotmail.com
    San Juan - Argentina

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    Hi Henry:
    Welcome to the forums. Just two things you should take note:

    1) Please do not cross post. You've posted this same thread in two separate forums- PHP and General Web building.

    2) Please be more specific when asking for help. It's hard to tell what you're asking here, which to many people would appear just as an advertisement (which is prohibited here).

    - George
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    - JavaScript Reference- JavaScript reference you can relate to.


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