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    php script redirect while sending pdf as attachement

    I am new in php programming and I have develop php script using TCPDF libary that takes data from pdf form fields and create flatten copy of that PDF using TCPDF , after that I use "AttachMailer.php" to send copies of PDF to client and customer, when user fill pdf form and click submit button flatten copy of that pdf is created in wp-content/uploads/pdf folder , and email code gets same copy fro wp-content/uploads/pdf folder and copy is forwarded to client and customer once copies are forwarded, it should show message "email has been sent.....email-address".

    // =============Email Form===============================
    $mailer = new AttachMailer($Email, $Email, "Submitted Form Copy", "hello <b>Please Find the Attached Copy of form sumitted</b>");


    $mailer1 = new AttachMailer($Email,$CEmail, "CC for client Submitted Form ", "hello <b>Please Find the Attached Copy of form sumitted by </b>".$Contact_Name);


    if($mailer->send()) {
    echo "Email has been sent to ".$Email."\n and" ; }
    echo "error in email\n";
    echo "\nCC has been sent to ".$CEmail ;
    else{echo "\nerror in email CC was not sent to ".$CEmail;}!
    the problem is that when user click submit button he/or she is redirected to home page (which i dont want)with executing if and else statements in email code shown above

    please help me how can I stop redirecting to home page.

    you can see screenshot of redirected page from my dropbox


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    The code you show us is not redirecting to any page. You are not showing us all the code.

    And showing us an IMAGE of a page is useless. Show us the LIVE page.
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