Hey friends, as you are reading this I am going to explain an amazing opportunity I have to offer today. I am about to launch a HUGE website and am looking for a PHP coder that wants get in right before we launch to take advantage of a money making collaboration. The website is about 90% finished coding and all we need is to have a pre-coded script integrated into the already coded website.

If you are selected as a part of our team, you could potentially have your hand in alot of our other HUGE projects launching in the coming future. We are wanting to possibly get a coder to work along side us, long term. Imagine how secure you will feel knowing you could have a ton of paid projects lined up in your future. We are only going to accept someone who is a quick and efficient coder, because we are going to launch very soon, as marketing and advertising is already set up. If you are interested in this one of a kind opportunity, please either reply to this message, or send me a PM.

We will be starting to look at the first coders who reply, as we interpret that as a great sign that you realize the great opportunity here. If that is you, I look forward to sharing all the details. - Garrett, CEO