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    classified ads website

    I need to build a classified ads site for a college project. I am familiar with html, css, php and mysql. I was wondering if anyone knows of any good tutorials on how I should code this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    For a college project, you need to learn the programming languages and not read "How to build a classified ad website in five easy steps".
    Unless you are asking how to learn a programming language.

    For PHP/MYSQL go to: PHP Video Tutorials For Web Designers - KillerPHP.com
    I recommend getting the DVD and you'll master the language.

    For HTML/CSS there is enough information and tutorials throughout google to learn from. I started with w3schools, some people love it some hate it. But whatever works for you.
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    Well first you'll need a membership system (assuming you don't want to accept spam from everywhere) so you need to have a members table where you store peoples user id, name, email etc.

    Then you will need another table for adverts, another for categories, and in your adverts table a column for the selected category which you can left join the categories table onto with.
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