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    PHP/SQL show 'all' in specific columns

    Hi, I'm really struggling to get my head around this.

    I'm making a search form with drop down menus. I want the option of 'all' to show all records regardless of that criteria. But when something is selected, then only show that match.

    There are two drop downs, 'location' and 'position' (this is for a teaching jobs) and say i had a user select - "location: all, position: head teacher", or "location: London, position: head teacher", I want both to be able to work accordingly.

    How can I get the 'all' to work? Of course looking for the term 'all' in the table is going to return no results! Can I put an 'if' statement actually in the WHERE clause? Or this this bad practice? I also thought I could use 'LIKE' and then just make $location or $position NULL if 'all' is selected and use the wildcard method?

    This is what I have so far

    PHP Code:
    $subject $_GET['subject'];
    $location $_GET['location'];

    $result $db->query("SELECT * FROM jobBoard WHERE subject = '$subject' AND location = '$location'");

    $row $result->fetch_assoc()){ ... } 

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    Heya, you want to test for there being a value in the search field. If there aren't any get values then the user must want all te results. Something like the code below should work.

    PHP Code:
    // If both subject and location exist build a query for both search parameters.
    if(isset($_GET['subject']) && isset($_GET['location']))
    $query "SELECT * FROM jobBoard WHERE subject = '$_GET['subject']' AND location = '$_GET['location']'";

    //Build search query for only subject search
    elseif (isset($_GET['subject']))
    $query "SELECT * FROM jobBoard WHERE subject= '$_GET['subject']'"

    //Build search query for only location search
    $query "SELECT * FROM jobBoard WHERE location = '$_GET['location'];"

    //If both search parameters aren't set you must want all results.
    else{$query "SELECT * FROM jobBoard";}

    $result $db->query($query);

    $row $result->fetch_assoc()){ ... } 
    Do be aware of the fact that using GET values directly is extremely unsafe and that you should strip them first.
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