Any one please help me just simple modification in nexmo sms sending php code.
This php script send sms only one number at a time but I want to send groups sms to my whole provided number list one by one.
Here is script Please help me to modify and PM me Please please please.

Download Link.
Pass: danidm315

Thanks in advanced

I tried this copied loop script for sending group sms but not get any success.
PHP Code:
while ($row $toNumber ($nexmo_sms)) 
$nexmo_sms = new NexmoMessage('sad4das''4sa2908f');
$toNumber=array($row ['numbers']);

$info $nexmo_sms->sendText$toNumber[$x], $from$message );

I hope this forums users help me to make awesome and reliable nexmo sms sending script. Please after modification and PM please.

Here is my screenshot of this script:

Please please help me IF you can.