I've got tricky question here, and am hoping that someone else already has the answer ready for it. (Or some php-guru can fix it for me.)

Currently i am creating a Woocommerce based site in Wordpress. Now, what i am trying to do:

1) If a new product is added to Woocommerce, we add a custom field to it, containing the email of the department regarding the specific product. (this i can do)

2) If the product is bought, an email containing the information of the buyer is send to the specific email that was filled into the custom field. This email must NOT contain the other products that were bought in the same order.

3) Step 2 is repeated with all products that are bought.

I do know HTML, CSS, but no PHP... If there are any questions, do not hesitate to contact me.

Also when business really starts to flow, a reward will be send (banktransfer) to the person that can help us.

Thanks in advance!

- Marcel @ Heroma Inc.