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    passing 'redirected from' variable?

    I'm trying to work through an idea and figure out how to do it, if its possible.

    What I have is a set of multiple paths to a single page, which in turn has an iframed form.

    URL-1 is from an email, URL-2 is from a postcard, URL-3 is from a banner ad. (all on same domain, i.e.: www.website.com/url-1/ )

    These all redirect to the "campaign" URL. how do I collect that information as a variable - I'd assume its possible, but how (using php or other solution)

    The idea is to then pass this variable to an iframe with javascript
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    are the 3 urls pages?

    ie whats after website.com/?

    if its litterally what you have

    create an index.php in each folder www.website.com/url-1/index.php etc
    and have them redirect to campaignurl/?source=url1 etc

    and in the campaign page

    PHP Code:
    //script and page

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