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    Looking for a resource

    I am having trouble understanding the whole combination of mySQL PHP and server stuff. I downloaded something called EasyPHP which I kind of understand. It is a WAMP thing that makes a local server I think.

    Can someone point me in the direction of an article or something that explains how all those languages and also html/css and javascript relate to eachother.

    Also, I don't really understand the concept of a server. What is a server? What does it do?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Read this: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/...eb_development

    All your files, HTML JAVASCRIPT, CSS, PHP, and the Database, are kept on a 'server', A fast computer hidden someplace far away from your computer. You use the internet to address a server and ask for a page which is in turn displayed on your browser window.

    WAMP is a group of files to put a server on your computer so PHP can be run. Also good to learn programming with. It is mostly a private affair unlike other servers like Yahoo.com but it could be if you made it public.
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