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    Unexpected elseif PHP result

    I am passing variables from this page:


    From the property search section.

    When the variables are passed to:


    I want the property search at the top of the page to highlight your previous selections.

    I have used the following code in the form to populate the selection:

    <select name="st">
    <?php if ($st="ALL")
    {echo "<option value=\"ALL\" selected=\"selected\">All</option>";}
    elseif ($st="BUNG")
    {echo "<option value=\"BUNG\" selected=\"selected\">Bungalow</option>";}
    elseif ($st="COTT")
    {echo "<option value=\"COTT\" selected=\"selected\">Cottage</option>";}
    elseif ($st="FLAT")
    {echo "<option value=\"FLAT\" selected=\"selected\">Flat</option>";}
    elseif ($st="HOUS")
    {echo "<option value=\"HOUS\" selected=\"selected\">House</option>";}
    elseif ($st="STUD")
    {echo "<option value=\"STUD\" selected=\"selected\">Studio</option>";}
    <option value="ALL">All</option>
    <option value="BUNG">Bungalow</option>
    <option value="COTT">Cottage</option>
    <option value="FLAT" <?php if ($st="")
    {echo "<option value=\"FLAT\" selected=\"selected\">Flat</option>";}
    else {echo ">Flat</option>";} ?></option>
    <option value="HOUS">House</option>
    <option value="STUD">Studio</option>
    No matter what the value of st is the if command always echoes the "ALL" option. I have checked the value by echoing the value of st.

    The second PHP if command in the FLAT option is in case the person comes direct to the page and the string is empty.

    This is driving me mad any help would be really appreciated!


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    A little php 101 here..

    = is an assignment operator. That means you use it to assign a value to a variable which is what you are doing above.

    You want the == operator which COMPARES.
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    you are declaring a variable '=' instead of comparing '==' , should be

    PHP Code:
    if ($st=="ALL"
    you will need to update all of them to the comparison operator

    Edit: beaten too it by tango

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