I'm working on a Wordpress site at http://www.uppercrustpiebakery.com/order-pie/. It uses the Woocommerce ecommerce plugin and has a separate plugin for three custom fields at the end of the order form. I need those custom fields, but that plugin is causing errors in the woocommerce plugin issuing tax. My client likes the calendar on the custom fields plugin and since I don't know how to code a calendar into this form, we'd like to keep the custom fields plugin. I've spoken to the plugin author and he is stumped, so this is the last place I can go for help-- here are the issues:

1. If you miss a required field and the form returns an error-- the tax is there until it runs the fields through the filter and then it drops off when it returns the error (in this case, I deliberately did not fill out a field I set to be required-- address 2).
2. If you do everything perfectly, when you hit "place order" and it takes you to paypal there is no tax on the paypal side.

Thanks for any help anyone can offer!