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    Help with Email Code After Upload


    We have some software that uploads video footage to our FTP server now we want to send an email confirmation from the server once uploaded. This is where I need some help.

    I need a solution that checks for new uploads and send the email by looking for new .txt files and emails confirmation to the user.

    The data is not stored in a datebase just the .txt file.

    1) File is upload as a .AVI file
    2) Along with the upload it places a .txt file with the same name as the AVI file but contains comma separated information.

    For example test.avi (video file) and test.txt contains this


    Which is as follows:

    First Name
    Reference 1
    Email Address

    How would I go about checking for new .txt files and then sending an email to the person that uploaded it with the above information as well the file location of the AVI file.

    Or better still would be to grab all the text files every few minutes upload the data into a database and send the email.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Not sure why you would send an email to the person who uploaded the info via ftp, but I believe the answer is in the question.
    check for new .txt files and send an email to the person with the file location...grab all the text files every few minutes upload the data into a database and send the email.
    I would say a cronjob that would run every hour. With the date & time of the last run placed in a db or file. This way you can check for items posted after the last run.
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    Is it necessary to email back when any file is uploaded.I dont think it could be a good idea.Basically it seems it is accessed all the time which is unsecure for your site.


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