Could someone advise what code I require to allow for the following....

I have a template page called subpage.php which all menu items use. The menu's are built using a treemenu build function.

I have a 3 level menu and require the 3rd level on a particular sub menu to have all it's sub sub menus redirected to external urls.


Menu Layout
Services ---> Company ---> Service 1---> (forwards to www.services#1.com.au)
Service 2---> (forwards to www.services#2.com.au)
Service 3---> (forwards to www.services#3.com.au)

I hope this makes sense.

What I "think" i need is some code to call "any page" assigned as a subpage of the "Company" Page ID

Eg; My "Company" page is assigned an ID of 45 and all Sub Sub pages have a field "submenu" set to 45. I can see all my sub sub menu's fine, I just need something to tell it to go to external URLs.

Some code required to do something like this.....if page = 45 then forward to URL.

I do not know anything about PHP so am hoping someone may be able to assist.