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    Smile Questions from a beginner

    Hey, I've just started a Online Custom Tailor website and was looking for ways for people to submit their measurements forms to us easily. Then i did a few google search and stumbled upon this page:


    I was interested with their measurement form so I did the right click thingy and copied the source code for the measurement form. Soon after doing a little bit of tweaking here and there, changing the "send email" to my email, I noticed that I need some sort of server to store/send the data (Maybe? I really have no clue lol).

    I then browse through the source code again and notice this line:

    Can anyone help explain to me what is this cgi-sys thingy is? (I really have no experience coding, I spent my entire life copying source codes ) and how can I fix this and utilize the Measurement Form for my page too?

    Thank you

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    Source code (via browser -> view source) is only useful on a client side. So if you have a form (I haven't followed the links) that dynamically changes, the source of the Javascript would allow you to do that.
    The cgi-sys/FormMail.cgi is likely the form action. On submit, the form sends the data using the method provided (or get if no method is specified) to the script targeted by action. In this case, what appears to be a PERL script.
    To create an interactive form that does something other than just presentation, you need to submit the data to a server processing language (such as PHP, perl, ASP/ASP.NET, JSP, python, etc, etc), and the server language processes the input and deals with it accordingly (storing in a database or file, emailing it, etc).
    You may want to start here: http://php.net/manual/en/tutorial.forms.php and then do a quick google search for php form submission tutorials. You'll likely find a wide variety that show how to submit data to a database or file storage as well as email.


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