HI All,

For coding & executing scripts I am using XAMPP & Now I want to write a PHP script for sending a email to the user on verification.

For example I have a user account created and once my employees look in to the account and found genuine they would give access as user now for that they need to be intimated by mail for successful activation of account.

For my team I have created single view point where an email is <a herf> using mysql and php.

In current functionality they were using Outlook and which they use to past the email template and send it to the user.

I want to overcome all this process and was thinking of simple functionality where if my employee after successful verification clicks on email he should be able to open a Windows live mail (we migrated yourself from outlook to this console for using multiple email account at once) and just check the format and shoot to the user.

But MAILTO function only supports outlook so, can any one help me to revoke windows live mail then outlook.

after that templete should automatically pulled from the server.


Above one is one concept:

rather jingling my self by above method now I want to create a PHP script that will send the mail to user....my email accounts are generated using google apps so, smtp would gmail.

Now can any one help me configure same?

I don't want to install any new mail servers.

Please help me !!!!