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    Report or flagging system

    I want to know, how to make a report or flagging system for spam comments?

    Suppose I have a table which is displayed from my database. In the table there are 3 columns, the first for name, the second for comment and the third is a button where a people can click to report as spam. I want to know how I can get the notification in MySQL? I mean how to proceed or what ways I can do it?

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    MySQL does not have a spam filter engine if that is what you were asking. But here's what you can do to combat spam combats

    You can make your own spam filter to flag comments containing any of the following WORDS. That's what many spam filters use.

    Or you can just make it that each comment has to be moderated by you. That means you have to code such functionality and a moderating admin panel for that. A lot of large, small and medium sites use this

    If you are using CMS' like Wordpress, Drupal e.t.c, there are a lot of plugins for that.


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