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    Question PHP/XML Template Meta Tag Issue


    My website uses an XML document to transfer data to a PHP file, as well as an index.php file, in order to display everything. I am having an issue with duplicate title and meta tags. Each page on the site has the same title and meta description and I do not have a way to change it on the XML file before uploading it. So, what is happening, is that the file is not registering a title when posted elsewhere, it just says the name of my site but not the title of the page. The header template holds the meta information and cannot be changed with each new post. Is there a way to add meta tags to the XML document so they can be changed according to the post I write?

    For example, if I write a review of Taken 2 I want the title of the page to be "Taken 2 Movie Review", and the description to say "Taken 2 Movie Review, Trailer, Images". Right now all I get is the name of the site. You can see at filmfracture.com for yourself if you want to have a look.

    I'm familiar with basic programming but this exceeds my knowledge. I thought I would see if anyone out there knows a solution before I try and find a new programmer who can fix it.

    Thanks for any help you can give.

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    What ever programs that write your main page and the review pages use the same code for the header. This is where the page title and meta tags exisit. It is probably a require or include type tag that is doing this in the page PHP. This is what needs to be changed.

    The way I understand you is that http://www.filmfracture.com/films/looper_movie_review page is generated by a xml/php combo file. The php needs to be altered, The include header file needs to be altered. We would need to see the xml file, the php used to generate the looper page.


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