hi everyone, as you can see i am new to this forum. and i would like to thank everyone in advance here, i am really good CSS guy but not so much with php and coding. but i would love to help and be helped as well ..

here is my problem that i been having, i have a site that is running on wp with custom theme ,

my site is online directory, but it seems every time i add a new site with the url. the theme calls out the url of the site takes a screen shot and stores it in s.wordpress com,

how can i change that for me to upload the website image ( logo instead) from backend of course , here is the codings i can find

PHP Code:
<div class="store-image">
                            <a href="<?php echo appthemes_get_custom_taxonomy($post->IDAPP_TAX_STORE'slug'); ?>"><img height="89" width="110" src="<?php echo clpr_store_image($post->IDAPP_TAX_STORE'term_id''110'null); ?>" alt="" /></a>
and this
PHP Code:
<div class="thumb-wrap"><a href="<?php echo $url_out?>"><img class="store-thumb" src="<?php echo clpr_store_image($post->IDAPP_TAX_STORE'term_id''150'$stores_url); ?>" alt="" /></a> </div>
to be honost i just grabed what ever looked like the right code for me , if not i would grab some more codes as well