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    Best platform for self-hosted video viewing on a website?

    If somebody wanted to start a website that displays a handful of new videos each day, what kind of platform should they start with? Wordpress?

    The plan is to have each day - have 5 new videos. If you click on a video, you can choose next or back to see the videos in line, or you can click 'random' to view a random video.

    It seems simple on the surface, but when you start thinking about doing it manually with HTML, you can see how it will start to get complicated with a couple of hundred or thousand videos.

    Also, it has to be optmized for mobile as well.

    Should I just start hand building this site with multiple html files for each video page, and then hand link all the pages together? I was thinking of created a folder for each page, and then place the .html file and the video in each folder.

    not sure how I would do the random script.

    Any input or advice would be greatly appreciated!!

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    lowplayer and JWPlayer both are good platform for self-hosted video viewing on a website

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    I would host somewhere else due to bandwidth and streaming issues. Unless you've got deep pockets and a very powerful dedicated server farm hosting videos on your own server will choke the system with just three or four simultaneous plays.

    Adding ORDER BY RAND () to a query will load five random links in order.
    Adding ORDER BY id DESC LIMIT 5 would give you the last data entered as the first in the list

    A simple database with just and ID, videoTitle, embedLink would be where you store data that would populate an HTML page.

    You would add videos to your server or another video host like Vimeo or YouTube then you would enter the video link info into the database.

    On a single PHP page you set up your first query and then simply display echo the HTML code to create a link and embed the video. You could stack five in a row or in a column. You could even make the first video auto play. At the end of the auto-play you would echo html code to create a button or link from the query using ORDER BY RAND () to load up the any random video or simply ratchet through the next five in your list.

    I don't have the time to write you some sample code right now but it's all pretty simple. The key is a simple database where you store the link and video name info and some simple queries. It will all work on one page.


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