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    Sending user entered data as form in mail

    Hi All,

    I have a form where user enters the data and after he clicks on submit button it will go to an email id. I want to send these data as a form. I am not getting how to do this. No i have written code like this and in mail i receive data as one after other

    $MailToAddress = "emailid"; 
    $redirectURL = "http://www....success=true"; 
    $MailSubject = "User - Details"; 
    $redirectURL = "http://www....success=true";
    $message_body = "Key Phrase 1: ".$_POST["name1"]."\r\n"; 
    $message_body .= "Key Phrase 2: ".$_POST["name2"]."\r\n";
    $message_body .= "Key Phrase 3: ".$_POST["name3"]."\r\n";
    $message_body .= "URL 1: ".$_POST["url1"]."\r\n"; 
    $message_body .= "URL 2: ".$_POST["url2"]."\r\n";
    $message_body .= "URL 3: ".$_POST["url3"]."\r\n";
    $message_body .= "Inner Page 1: ".$_POST["inner1"]."\r\n";
    $message_body .= "Inner Page 2: ".$_POST["inner2"]."\r\n";
    $message_body .= "Inner Page 3: ".$_POST["inner3"]."\r\n";
    $message_body .= "No of Key Phrase: ".$_POST["key"]."\r\n"; 
    $mailHeader = $name1;
    	if (!mail($MailToAddress, $MailSubject, $message_body, $mailMessage,$mailHeader)) { echo "Error sending e-mail!";}
    	else { header("Location: ".$redirectURL); }	

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    Are you saying that you want the actual form sent as an email, not the form data?

    So if I got an email, I would see the form that I need to fill out?
    I'm not understanding the question.


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