I've created a PHP based shopping website using a Freeware script called Ashop. I want to add a chat box to it to provide customer support but I've almost no knowledge of PHP. I've installed a chat script from Zopin but it functional on the main page only i.e. written in HTML. This chat box doesn't appear on the other pages. My shop is in PHP coding but the homepage is in HTML. So i'm unable to add the chat box to rest of the pages of my shop. Please help me to install this or other chat script on my rest of the website. I don't know PHP script. I simply want that the customer support chat box should appear on each and every page of my website so that i can access and track my every customer online present anywhere. This is the homepage of my website http://www.xcelerator.in and this is the address of the shop- http://www.xcelerator.in/Softcart You wont find the chat box on the shop. Please help me. I really need it. My website is lacking customer support panel. Thanks in advance.