Hi, I am trying to figure out some code. We are switching a few things from Cold Fusion to PHP and while I am making progress this piece of code is giving me grief. Can anyone provide some suggestions? All we do is query a MySQL DB for our calendar info and output a basic events page. I am not quite sure how to change this over properly and hopefully easily. Thanks in advance for any help!

<cfquery name="get_dates" datasource="mysqlcf_calendar">
select Event_Name,Event_Description,DATE_FORMAT(Event_Date,'%M %D, %Y') as EV_Date
where Event_Date >= CURRENT_DATE-1
order by Event_Date
<span class="news">
<h1>news & events</h1>
<cfoutput query="get_dates" maxrows=3>
<span class="dates">#EV_Date#</span><br />
<span class="event"><strong>#Event_Name#</strong><br /> #Event_Description#</span><br /><br />