Hello guru's, I try to draw multiple rectangle using numbers from a database in php.
But all I get is an empty imagefield.
The problem is that the numbers from the database are bigger then the actual is going to be, so they need to be smaller.

I used the following code to do this:
PHP Code:
$db -> prepare("select alpb_box_id, alpb_style::lvarchar as STYLESHEET  from ao_link_page_boxes WHERE  alpb_li_id = 755 AND alpb_lngcode = '031' AND alpb_pageno = 1"); 
$query -> execute();
$result = array();
$row $query->fetch(PDO::FETCH_ASSOC)) {
$result[] = $row;
$new_styles = array();
$styles_to_collect = array('left''top''width''height''type');
$result as $r)
$new_entry = array();
$styles_to_collect as $stc)
preg_match('/[\s]\s*'.$stc.':\s*([\d]+)/'$r['STYLESHEET'], $matches);
$new_entry[$stc] = $matches[1];
        if (
substr($r['ALPB_BOX_ID'],0,3)== 'IMG') {
$new_entry['type'] = 'purple';
        } else {
$new_entry['type'] = 'green';
$new_styles[$r['ALPB_BOX_ID']] = $new_entry;
$db null;

$arr $new_styles;
foreach (
$arr as $value) {
$left $value['left'] / 11;
$top $value['top'] / 11;
$width $value['width'] / 11;
$height $value['height'] / 11;
$color $value['type'];
$drawArea ImageCreate(73,103);

$white ImageColorAllocate ($drawArea255255255);
$green ImageColorAllocate ($drawArea01280);
$purple ImageColorAllocate ($drawArea1280128);
header("Content-type: image/png");
The top, left, width, height are css numbers that is used to create the rectangles.

Hope someone can help me with this