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    Read more... if text more than 600 charcters

    I am wanting to display large text blocks from a database but i would like to stop the text if its longer than 600 characters and display Read more... as a link.

    Can someone please help me?

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    Hi Nealec, glad to see you're still at it

    I think this would be suited to the str_len function. I say think because i don't know how it handles large texts from mysql etc.

    The following worked well for me when i ran it through my code tester - change the 10 to 600:
    PHP Code:
    $Test 'teslkjlfgjg oigjsd ofjslfjsdfjsdlfjsdiofjslk nslkfj lsdkfj sdlfjdlskf jk';

    if (
    strlen($Test) > 10)
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