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    code for omitting not selected mysql driven drop down menus

    Hi I have an update page with a form which contains 7 drop down menus and 2 text fields, all being populated by a select command on a mysql database, the whole page works fine with data coming and going back into the database. However, I can not work out the following. This is the code for one of the drop down menus, I might be better in the php forum but thought I would start here.

    How to stop all the drop down fields being populated?

    I have a couple of solutions

    1. To carry out a function in php to omit the fields which contain my default of 0 which will mean they have not been updated.


    2. To insert an html "selected" command into the php echos,

    The problem is that I am not experienced enough to program either, if someone is able to help it would be very much appreciated.

    PHP Code:

    <?php echo  $typedescrip ['type_description']; ?>
        <select name="type_id">
    $typelist mysql_fetch_assoc ($type_set);
    do { 
    ?>   <option value="<?php echo $typelist ['type_id']; ?>" ><?php echo $typelist ['type_description'], $typelist ['type_id']; ?></option>
    } while ($typelist mysql_fetch_assoc ($type_set)); 

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    I don't see any mySQL code here? Can you show your query/queries? It sounds more like you're having a PHP code design issue, unless your actual mySQL isn't working?

    What do you mean by "How to stop all the drop down fields being populated?"?

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    Tis a PHP related issue; moved accordingly.
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