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    Featured Image Not Working Correctly

    Note: I'm using Wordpress for my site:http://www.bettafishbubble.com/ and newbie to php.

    When I insert a featured image into my posts it shows a small image on the homepage and on the landing page. The featured image is only supposed to be on the Homepage. And once you click on the article it should take you to the article with the large image. But for some reason the featured image appears on that page too. Also the large image is not supposed to show up on the Homepage. How do I fix this?

    http://www.bettafishbubble.com/ is supposed to look exactly like the homepage on my other site: http://survivalcoach.blogspot.com/

    Also, for some reason the home page is showing full-length articles, instead of what it's supposed to look like (small chunks): http://survivalcoach.blogspot.com/

    Someone suggested that I insert some code to break up the article length for each article. But I'd have to do that for each article. How do I have this done automatically like my other site: http://survivalcoach.blogspot.com/

    P.S. Is there maybe a setting I need to activate in Wordpress to fix this? Or is this just a coding problem?

    My code is in the Theme Folder: http://www.2shared.com/file/Y_tvwPtv..._WP_Theme.html
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    This sounds like a Wordpress specific question. Hopefully someone here will know the answer.

    If not you may have more luck in a Wordpress forum rather than a PHP forum.
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