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    Fetching content

    If I want to take some content from my blog database to put it on my home page, and both reside on the same server, do I need additional authentication? (Mostly yes, I guess).

    Would it mess with my blogs working?

    Also, can PHP fetch output after executing a Python script (which is on /cgi-bin) directly?


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    Your database (MySQL) is a portion of the server's storage reserved for you.
    Separate from your website. You'll notice that the PHP scripts log into the database
    using host, username, password, etc. Just like you log into your website using FTP.

    So, any PHP script on your website (or the same server) can access any of the
    MySQL databases if you know the account login for the database. That means you
    can do anything you want with your data from any PHP script. You could even add
    another table to your blog database if you wish ... to be used for another purpose.

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    Short answer, yes you can access a database which resides on your server if you have the connection info. Your blogs won't be affected unless the load on your database gets too heavy. That probably will not be an issue unless your blog is really really popular.

    And yes, PHP can fetch data.


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