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    Question Can some good coders tell me where to start?


    I was wondering..where should I start? All this coding seems so demoralizing....I want to be able to make my own forums with ease, and advanced pages....can I? Where can I start..I know basic html but could use a brush up....I am determined...I just need some sites that you KNOW will give me the structure I need......do you think it gets easy once u get the basics done? Thanks!

    Sean, Scene, Ceen
    Volconvo Interactive

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    hey there man,
    bad news for you.. there aint much chance hehe
    no well..
    with a basic understanding of html you wont get too far,
    learn something like perl or php but in detail.. to right a advanced forum like this or ubb... you need to have some real skills man.. proper sit down and hard code for hours.. bit heavy work.. tho what is a good idea.. choose the langauge your gona lean, perl, php, asp etc... then download a free forum and tear it apart...read thru the code seing what does what and change it etc.. this is a really good way to learn.. dont wana be sinical but its a really heavy job.. you need advanced skills...
    lemme know if you need any help if you use php or perl

    good luck


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