Greetings - I have a modeling site that has a cgi web creator that allows fashion models to come and create their own web site for free. There are just certain things about the script that I need changed. I believe they are simple modifications, but not being a perl expert I cannot say. I do not know if anyone is familiar with the EzHTML II web page creator script but here is what I want to do;
1. Althought there is a setting to say the size of images that
should be uploaded, there is no setting to say maximum size
to be uploaded. This should be basic since someone could
upload 500 images under the specified size rather than a
limit. This could become a serious security issue.
2. In the admin section it allows you to preview a persons
web page but it does not make sense since this only works if
a person's web page is named 'index.html'.
3. In the admin section there should be a way to see the date
of files of the user because a user could put up illegal content
after you view something they put up initally. Again, this would
be another serious security issue.
My site:
you can click on create my web page to see how the script works.