Ok if anyone out there knows how i can get my cgi-scripts to work with asp pages it would be appreciated. The scripts work, but they will not show the results on the pages that I want them to. I have to place 3 "+++" on the page where I want the results to show and the results show on a separate blank page. I have these scripts generated by flattext.com and they work great. But I have never used them with asp pages. So I wondered if anyone knew how I can get them to work.

A sample of the scripts I use is attached.

The pages in question are located here:


If you choose a city from the drop-down list and select, the results will appear on a separate blank page when they should appear below the search box on the original page. I have the 3 "+++" below the search box on the original page but you can't see them because they are in a white font.

So if anyone knows how I can get this script to work the way I want, it would be appreciated.