First off I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Nick Eggert and I'm a designer currently located in Memphis, TN. I'm pretty new to Coding Forums and have been taking it slow here lurking around and reading how things are done, etc.

Now down to business.

If you're company is looking for a way to direct information straight to the consumer in a clean, user-centric manner, you've found the right person. I'd like to try to break companies away from the unvarying template styles, and introduce them to simple and easily accessible layouts based around getting information to the consumer in the quickest, best way possible.

I understand that some companies want and/or need the template style, but then there are the others who want branch away from that and provide something new and fresh.

I can also provide content development for your company's web site. If you need an article, FAQ, or any type of content written, I can be sure to provide you with what you want, how you need it.


AIM: OctopusLamp

I think that's it. I hope everyone has a nice evening.