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    help PHP/Javascript programmer for online game

    MMORPG - need of staffs and programmers... this game is almost done.. equip is working, chat, leveling... going to work with some bugs and a user to user 'private masseging' .

    (see screenshots here, play the working game, the link is here and etc.)

    I have a source code of an online game (charbel eusebia). this was written in php and small javascripting, a college project from scratch. i have the source.

    editing weapons, adding weapons,and few other things is what i know and what i do. i highly lack of php and javascript knowledge.

    currently, i don't have anyone else to help me with this code. you can see their beta release at http://charbel.advantagehost.co.uk.


    -2 Nations, with 3 different classes each nation! Total of 6 classes.
    -map, icons, and items in graphic images
    -TEAM UP!
    -3 Kinds of Armor: (Light, Medium, Heavy) with different characteristics.
    -2 Kinds of weapon: Sword, Spear with different characteristics
    -2 Kinds of spell: Ice based and fire based spells with different characteristics
    -Weapons/Spells levels
    -Level Up!
    -Skill Levels! (2 bugs, spear and armor skill doesn't increase)
    -Buying and selling from other players
    -Store (can't sell to store, just drop item)
    and few more. you can see manual at: http://charbel.advantagehost.co.uk/manual.htm

    and these are the bugs hopefully will get help from my brother.
    -bug in spear and armor skill (not increasing)
    -player killing problem (player is always out of reach)
    -potion inventory error (if you have 2 potions, 2nd potion doesn't exist then if you use the first potion in list, the second potion disappears)

    more feature ideas
    -Monster Hunts
    -upgradable bank (upgrade the bank by golds, to place more golds in it)
    -SPECIAL unique items/equipments (for the one who destoyed the legendary dragon/hunt)
    -upgradable kingdoms (stronger enemy damage)
    -3 different Maps, player limit per map, different legendary dragons on each map
    -Story Line
    -More races
    -special areas (shrines and temples)
    -sell items to shop (maybe set to 35% of original shop price)
    -Reincarnation (your char will change it's race, considering the level. the race will have different attributes,but might have specials)
    -more ideas?
    -admin/moderator control panel. ip check, ban player, set player to silence in a period of time)

    if anyone is interested in adding features in the game (it would be really a big help).
    what the game needs now is a private messeging (user to user). i really don't know how to do this.. any help will be so much appreciated..
    i don't know any other people who can help me with this. if anyone is interested, PM or mail me ( jutmacho@hotmail.com ) ..

    i'll do the HTML stuffs and graphics.. charbel now has a map creator.

    what ever the game will earn, will be shared (fairly).


    Thank you so much!
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