I am looking for a programmer who can accomplish the following:
: Operate in an XP/UNIX/other server environment.
: Handle database integration (whatever one works)
: Process the influx of credit card data with all associated fields including,
amounts, itemized lists, date, time, etc.
: Separate credit cards based on numerical type:
ie. Visa starts with 1234 2345
MC starts with 4560 1245
: Receive data through both ethernet and serial ports
: Output data through both types
: Send one set of data in the same format received to satellite, the other to
: ie.
Visa's will go out to satellite signals
MC will go out to the ATM (with the appropriate codes to force dial
ATM and begin transmission)
--------------------------------------------------------------------------And that's it. It should integrate into all server versions of windows, be compatible with unix, and novell.

What I want?
I need to know your background with possible references first. Give me an idea of price and idea of timeframe, consider basing price with time constraints. ASAP is the time frame. I need to know you will sign a disclosure and other agreements including the ability to transfer all software ownership rights back over to me after completion.

-please email your response direct, my email is listed