Im José Ferraz, one of the persons responsable for the EXCELLO project.
We are an esports team, if you don't know what esports is please read at the wikipedia

Well getting to business, we are looking always to improve our image and because of that we are trying to improve our main marketing weapon that is our website, unfortunatly the company( http://www.eyeviewdesign.com ) that worked with us for a while now(they devoloped 3 versions of our website) are getting loads of really nice work even from govern companies and so we can't really pay anymore there fees.
We are looking to implement a new design(already created) on our website, our even creating a new one from scracth only if we can mantain the user database.
We can offer some financial support, load of gaming material and some other goodies

our website - www.teamexcello.com
Esports @ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Esports

If u feel your up to the task plz contact us @