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    Exclamation Rules for Work offers and Requests in general

    Welcome to the Work offers and requests forum. This forum is specifically work offers that invoke compensation in monetary form, or work requests (where you offer your service). Due to some problems in the past, I have decided to revise the rules. I also know that WA and probably some of the other mods will be brainstorming some ways to improve the forum. If you have an idea then please send me a PM.

    Edit: 10/12/05 - Added new clause for full-time position offerings

    Rules for Work Offers (looking to hire) [Prefix thread with: Hiring]
    • Your offer must be paid in nature, in clear monetary form. This is a very important rule, your offer must not be along the lines of "I have a low budget so I cant pay much". You must state your budget or payment rate. Examples of a good, clear statement could be
      • Willing to pay $300 for completion of project
      • Looking to hire a willing coder at $20 an hour
      • I need a couple of modifications to my logo. Willing to pay $50.

    It is highly recommended that you state your overall project budget instead of an hourly rate.
    • The only exception to this is when you are offering a full time job position and want to discuss compensation after an interview or further contact. This is the only exception to stating compensation in full.
    • Contests and competitions are not allowed. These will be considered promotions and are not work offers, but rather spam.
    • As stated above, your payment must be in clear monetary form. This means that offers like "I'll give you 50% of the profits", or other non-monetary rewards such as "points" or "T-Shirts" are in general not allowed. Exceptions may rarely be made. If you really think that you have a valid work offer that falls under this category then PM the forum moderator or WA so they can confirm it with you before you post.
    • Freelance type site offers are not allowed (ie: "visit our site, we have many jobs available"). These are impersonal advertisements and will be deleted.
    • When posting you should some relevant information to what you want done, what terms you have, how to get in contact, deadlines etc. Again, as stated above, your offer needs to include clear payment information. Including possible payment methods (eg: PayPal or Wire Transfer) will definitely be a plus.

    Rules for Work Requests (looking to be hired)
    • You must clearly state your skills, your average rates
    • It is very strongly recommended to link to a personal portfolio of your work (best option), a personal website that you created, or be able to provide links to websites you have worked on. The only exception to this is...
    • If you are looking to build up a portfolio you may offer your services for free. The same rules apply except that you do not have to show a portfolio or any work you have done in the past.
    • You must put [For Hire] at the start of your topic title, for example:
      • [For Hire] Skilled PHP Programmer available for work

    Threads that do not follow the rules will be deleted (most likely without any warning or explanation given). Please read an understand these rules, and feel free to contact the forum moderator or WA through PM if you have questions or concerns.

    Finally, this extended section "General rules and suggestions" is to help clear up past issues in the work and requests forum. These are aimed at everyone, including those who aren't posting an offer or request. They are designed to help everyone get the most out of the Work offers and requests forum.

    General Rules and suggestions
    • You should respect other members offers and requests. Many issues and arguments have arisen due to disrespect for other members. As a general rule, you should not respond to a thread unless you have a question or want to make an offer.
    • That being said, if you doubt the integrity of someone's offer or request (eg: They offer XHTML + CSS design, yet their web page doesn't validate HTML 4; something should be done. The best way here is to PM the forum moderator or WA with a link to the thread.
    • Work offers needing alot of work for a low payment are discouraged for both the employer and the employee. Employers: Offer a decent wage and find a coder/designer with a good portfolio. Employees: Know what your skills are worth and don't accept any less than you deserve.
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