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    How to separate character and number (VbScript)?


    I have been using fucntions like instr(), split(), regexp()..etc for manipulating string, but now in difficulty fo separate character and number, please help, really no idea.

    for example: I want to split amelia1 to amelia and 1 and after that change the "a" to Upper case (A) so become Amelia 1 (this is the titile name for my property.

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    If you know for sure that the only numeric character(s) in the string is/are going to be at the end, you can use a RegEx for that too... in this one I'm assuming it's one or more numbers...

    Function SplitIt(str)
    If IsNull(str) Then str = ""
    Dim siRegEx
    Set siRegEx = New RegExp
    siRegEx.Pattern = "^(\D+)(\d{1,})$"
    SplitIt = siRegEx.Replace(str,"$1 $2"))
    End Function

    I haven't tested it, but that should split your string up the way you want. I'm sure you can figure out how to capitalize the first letter of Amelia.
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