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    p2p? need some advice for peer to peer creation


    I have been creating a project for a little while now. I purchased www.PoliTicked.com, and want to use it as a place where my peer to peer program can be downloaded and sed. Basically the program is gonna have chat rooms, forums, and peer to peer transfer abilities of amateur journalism, rants, video, and audio relating to politics and current events. It's kind of an unbiased news source (hopefully)...like tons of interpretation of the news.

    So I was wondering....what does it take to program such a beast like a napster or a kazaa program? It doesn't have to be as complex obviousely, but it does have to have the transfer abilities. Where can I learn such things? Books, webpages, people?....I am rather quick when it comes to learning code or whatever on my comp, so I am up for a long-run challenge. I've always really wanted to do this though due to my need for clean and clear news/debate.

    Thanks in advance, you guys are ussually pretty straight forward.
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    Hi, I wont point at a particular language as in this case my own choice may not be the best choice ...yet, anyway , at this stage of the game its not really a language specific question but more of a protocol specific question, ie. you will be playing with HTTP or raw sockets and need at least a basic understanding of these, also take a look at XML/RPC for which there are implementations in most of the major languages including C/C++ if you are going down that road - google some of those and see ehat you come up with.
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