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    subdomain aliasing?


    Could someone explain something to me? I'm looking at getting some hosting, and it's a bit complex - well, for me, anyway

    I want to transfer my domain name over. And set up subdomains on it. I want to point several other domain names at one of these subdomains. A simple case of updating their DNS records.

    If someone types "http://www.domainThatGetsRedirected.com", they arrive at "http://somewhere.myDomain.net"

    The company I'm looking at assures me that "aliasing points the domain directly @ the root domains files - so it would work exactly like a real domain"

    Could someone explain exactly how this works, in relation to two things:

    1. Is the name that shows up in the browser going to be the correct domain name that the user typed?

    2. The site that gets loaded is surely going to be a different domain to the one that they typed, right? They go to somewhere.com, but ACTUALLY go to subdomain.somewhereElse.com - won't this screw up ASP Session variables, that won't work accross domains? What fundamental chasm of logic am I failing to leap here?


    ps. Sorry to anyone who's read my related thread in the ASP forum; I guess this is more of a general "I've just realised I have no idea how any of this works" approach rather than a "please help me fix my problem" one.

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    What appears in the browser depends on whats requested. WIth domain aliasing, basically you have one main domain, and a whole bunch of other domains pointing to it.

    If they type in the full address, eg

    (with the trailing slash OR with an actual filename)

    Then the domain remains unchanged in their browser.

    However, if they type in the URL without the trailing slash OR without the filename, they will end up getting the "serverName" put in their browser.


    will result in the domain name changing in the browser.

    I know this sucks, Ive run into a similar problem before.

    Try to find a hosting plan that allows you to modify the server config files, they do exist, but are a little difficult to track down.


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