Hi Guys an Gals

I'm just about to transfer from an NT/IIS server to an Unix/Apache server. On the NT server the permissions were set by the host on the cgi-bin directory, so I have no idea what they were, and as I have fallen out with them BIG time they probably won't tell me what they were.

What do I need to chmod each of these directories to:

cgi-bin : containing a form handler that only emails me the details of the form (no reading or writing of files)

cgi-bin/mailer : this contains a subscription script along with html pages it uses for admin etc purposes

cgi-bin/mailer/data : this contains the flat databases of subscribers, password files and other files for the subscription scipt. The script should be able to read and write to these and I should also be able to download/upload via ftp.

On a slightly different (but the same) note, would a .htaccess file help me in this?

Hope the above makes sense. TIA all