Hello, i need this query to run on access:

SELECT Format(o.dtProcessedTimeStamp,"dd/mm/yyyy") AS [Data e Hora], a.ToAliasId AS Origem, d.nvcsrcAliasId as OrigemCod, dbo_dta_biz_alias_conv_1.ToAliasId AS Destino, o.nvcDocType AS [Tipo Doc], o.nvcStrValue1 AS [Nº Doc]
FROM ((dbo_dta_outdoc_details as o left JOIN dbo_dta_interchange_details as d ON o.nInterchangeKey = d.nInterchangeKey) left JOIN dbo_dta_biz_alias_conv as a ON d.nvcSrcAliasId = a.FromAliasId)
INNER JOIN dbo_dta_biz_alias_conv AS dbo_dta_biz_alias_conv_1 ON d.nvcDestAliasId = dbo_dta_biz_alias_conv_1.FromAliasId
WHERE (((o.nIsValid)=1) AND ((d.nError)=0) AND ((o.dtProcessedTimeStamp)>=#4/21/2006#))
ORDER BY o.nOutDocKey;

The result is: Join expression not supported !!

If i take out this condition:INNER JOIN dbo_dta_biz_alias_conv AS dbo_dta_biz_alias_conv_1 , it gives no error. Why can´t i make a inner join with this condition?