I have an Access DB that was created to track manifests. A load could be picked up at 1 or more locations and delivered to 1 or 2 destinations.

I can create a query that prompts for the 1st and or 2nd delivery location, but would prefer to only have to enter the starting date (and possibly the ending date - this is not the problem.)

I need to create a report that will show totals (# and $) for all loads that have one drop (to the same location), totals (# and $) for loads delivering to 2 locations (called splits).

As she has multiple customers, the report should report totals for mutiple sites so I do not have to enter the 1st and 2nd delivery site.

Hopefully this is clear. (Also, I created this application without having to code any SQL) But I now believe it is time to learn it, but am struggling.